Top 7 natural ways to remove pimples marks & spots permanently at home

Top 7 natural ways to remove pimples marks & spots permanently at home 

Many youngster are facing the problem of pimples. It is not the critical problem but it make a person feel unattractive due to their appearance. Pimples usually occur on the face but some time they also occur on the shoulder, back and neck. Mainly most of the people are facing this problem because they are not serious about the skin.

Many youngster think or arise a question that why and how they occur even they care their skin. It occur or the reason behind it is the excess sebum secretion from the oil glands. Pimples are nothing but it is a swelling on the skin which is filled with bacteria and pus.

Pimples are generally reddish pink spot or smear on the face. Sometime you see that it was solid from outside and the yellowish white pus inside. Generally, the pimples are dry out after sometime but its leave blackish mark continue stay on the skin or in face. There are several natural methods are very effective in treatment of pimples within a shorter time period. There are many products in the market for erasing the pimple but mostly preferred method should be to use home remedies because they come without any side effects while may be the market product(means chemical products) make side effect and they are also costly while the home remedies are pocket friendly. Try to ignore the chemical product for erase the pimple marks.

1. Remove pimple from face using Lemon juice 

Lemon is one of the most effective and heavenly used to remove pimples and make fresh and glowing skin. In summer, at night many people take lemon juice and cinnamon powder in a bowl for
use the pimple and then wash off the face with boil water to remove the pimple.

2. Remove pimples from face using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very extraordinary way to erase the pimples. Also, it is found in every home and you have no need to go out to the supermarket. It apply to the affected parts of the skin before sleeping at night, and wash in the morning using the cold water. This process you can repeat continuously until the pimple will we remove.

3. Remove pimple from face using Ice

Proper circulation of blood, mostly people uses ice cubes. Ice is also used for reduce the pimple swelling, pimple redness and remove dirt from the pimples as well as it make fresh skin to remove the oily part that is accumulated on the skin.
      Ice will be used properly on the affected skin area with wrap with clean poly-bag or piece of cloth and continuous this process daily.

4. Remove pimple from face using Baking soda 

Do you know how to reduce the pimple from using Baking soda or you know that Baking soda is also used for remove pimple? Yes, that is true Baking soda is used to remove the pimple it works as an agent that carries out the micro gingerly on the skin and help to clear the pimple from the face. Usually taking 1 or 2 small teaspoon of baking soda with few drops of water and apply on the affected part or simply says on the pimples. After some time wash off with cold water and repeat this process daily.

5. Remove pimple from face using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the great source of nutrient to remove the pimple or clear all the impurity on the face or skin. It acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent which helps to remove the toxins present in the skin and also control the moisture of the skin. It apply directly from the plant, the gelly part of the aloe vera mix with rose oil and apply the affected part of the face and leave for some time and then wash with clear cold water. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times in a week.

6. Remove pimple from face using Papaya 

Most of the beauty products found on the market today, papaya is found in them. But they are always useless. Raw papaya is an all-natural pimple remedy that helps to remove and make the skin soft and smooth. Papaya contain an enzymes called papain which reduces swelling and prevent the pus from forming.
Mash up the raw fresh papaya and applied to the skin and leave it for some time and the wash off with warm water. Repeat this process twice in a week.

7. Remove pimple from face using Tomato and Honey 

The mixture of Tomato and Honey is the most effective face pack for your skin that helps to remove pimple and glow the skin. Tomato contains lycotene which is an antioxidant that helps to remove the pimple, clogs excess oil and clear away the sun damage spots and also helps in removing the wrinkles. Take a paste of tomato and mix with 1-2 teaspoon honey. Apply this paste mixture onto your face and leave it for 20-25 minutes and then wash with cold water. This paste is very helpful for oily skins and make it fresh and glowing.

Tips to take care of your face and prevent from pimple

  •  Avoid to eat the oily foods and the fast-food.
  •  Avoid using scrubs in case new pimples are coming out on the skin. This may cause severe pimple spots.
  •  Don't touch or press thee pimples when it is in critical stage or when it full with pus.
  •  Drink more and more fresh water and eat fresh fruits.

Prevent from the pimple you can follow the tips and more for your skin.
When you are suffering from the pimple and faces any type of skin or in face problems, then you apply any of them above natural remedies to prevent from the problem.