SNS nails...What is SNS? SNS advantages..

                                 Hey lovely ladies and friends, I am very happy you to giving a wonderful and important nail technology- Signature Nail Systems ( SNS ). Today, women care about their health and beauty and more care about their beauty and nail fashion. SNS taken the lead with Gelous Dipping Powders and Gel-star. For the customer, salon owners and distributors advice the SNS to be the first name in nail beauty.


           SNS stands for Signature Nail System. It is an innovative nail technology that promises to be the most naturally beautiful, healthiest and longest-lasting nail solution for women or ladies. The powder of SNS is consists of organically chemical processed in which Benzoyl Peroxide, Titanium Dioxide and Acrylic Ester Polymer. The Nail System will be comes mainly into in three parts:
Dipping Powder: The SNS powder is healthier for your nails because it is enriched with vitamins and calcium. This means that they are in better condition and less likely to breakdown. Dipping powder mainly aims to create a perfect manicure and add full nourishment of nails and protecting them from damage.

              SNS Gels: SNS gel for nails are specially formulated for SNS dipping powder. It is acrylic nails that add protection and shine effect to your nails without damaging your nails. It protect from the UV rays or light and will dry almost instantly. They are mainly eight different types of SNS dipping powder gels and contains along with vitamin A, E, D3 and B5 and calcium.

             Gelous Colors: SNS surprise the nail industry by its whole new system of different colour of SNS gelous color with a huge color range. They are light weight, long lasting, odor-free and health friendly system.



       Every girl loves their nails and they make it beautiful and save. So, they manicures the nails, even the trends of manicure will be changing everyday. Acrylic manicures, gel manicures, shellac manicures and now SNS manicures will be used. This is the best manicures which is evey girl wants on her nails.

SNS has added no less than four vitamins A, D3, E and B5, and plus calcium to nourish the growth of healthy nails.

 SNS dipping powders create a far lighter and it is more natural covering for the nails. Ladies and girls are astonished to find that within a weeks of beginning to use of SNS their nails are becoming stronger and healthier.

It appears similar to acrylic and gel manicures but it doesn't include any of the cons both have they don't grind down your nails or any use UV light that can be damaging.


             That was a great question arise in the mind of many ladies that why we use the SNS dip powder what makes it special for other products. The most specialty is that it doesn’t contain many of the toxic chemicals that you experience in the other products. For setting the coating, it doesn’t require the UV light. It is easy to use and many manicurist was suggesting that the use of SNS on their nails. It look beautiful nails and finish that feels light. It stay for two or three weeks. It get easy in market and easy available in online shopping who are love to use the online shopping.


             Dip powder manicures are a safe and brilliant way to achieve smooth and beautiful nails that must looking great for you, to a month at a time. It has full of chemical, but they are not harm in any way. SNS Nails has a fine lineup of products used by celebrity manicurists and home users. SNS nails has many lover in whole the world. Their system makes it easy for anyone to apply and enjoy a durable manicure that helps their own natural nails grow stronger. This is because all or many ladies or women love it because it is easy to use, looking great, and the most important thing it is very attractive which can attract anyone for looking their nails.