Privacy Policy

Every website have their own privacy and policies to tell the visitors that which type of information are collected from the visitor device ,locations, time ,Browsers, operating system , etc. This is the privacy policy page of healthxperia blog read the full page and then you decide according to our policy ( privacy policy).

Information collected from our visitors device (log file).

We gather several information from our client those who browsing in our blog website to find the content and answers. we collect the information which are as follow
1. Page surfing time
2. Device information
3. Browser (name and information)
4. Operating system
5. Number of pages visited per user
6. Number of sessions per visitor
7. Real time activities
We do not share the above give information on Internet or any other private person or third person .Your information are used in a site to make a site easy to use and user friendly to improve a visitor service and also visit experience in our site.

 We use cookies

Cookies are the type of files which are created from our website which stored on visitors device where we use cookies on Healthxperia for track our new or old visitors for improving our site service and make it user friendly. If you don't want to store any cookies on your device then you can disable these cookies from your browser settings.

We can not share any user information outside our site

We cannot sell or purchase the collected information to the third party website and we does not disclose any information to outsider so feel comfortable to browser site.

Change in Healthxperia privacy policy

Sometimes we make a change in our privacy and policy and when we change mention the date of changement or the last update date.
Last update date 12/10/2017